A Few Words From Our Clients

“Love this Accounting Firm! I’ve trusted them with both my small business and personal tax returns for over 10 years and couldn’t be happier. I always get personalized attention and they really make me feel welcome and important. I’ve gotten great business advice and have recommended them to many friends and business associates. I’ll be a loyal client for life!”

Carrie D.

“Our company used Jeanne Dufresne from Executive Public Accountants services quite a while, 10 years or more. We found Jeanne by pure luck and we stuck, but we love it. She handles every account of ours with complete professionalism. If anyone asked us for bookkeeping professional, she is a number one on a list. Thank you for the years of excellent partnership!”

Badboyscustom Cycles

“I have worked with Jeanne & Executive Public Accountants Inc. for the last 5 years, and have consistently had an excellent experience every single time. I would recommend Jeanne and her company to anyone that is in need of an accountant, whether business, personal, etc. EPA MN is an extremely professional organization, one that will always deliver on time.”

Ben L.

“I own 3 different small businesses and I have hired Executive Public Accountants to service all of them. They help keep me organized, compliant with the IRS and have helped me turn my cash flow from negative to positive. Not only do they handle all of my accounting but they are my business consultants as well.”

Peter M.

“I own a flower shop and I hired EPA to handle all of my accounting needs. They have been so great to work with! I can stop stressing knowing that they are working with me and handling all of my accounting and bookkeeping”

Sandy B.

“My construction business was falling apart financially until I hired Executive Public Accountants to help get me back on track. They were more than I had asked for and helped me reorganize and get back on track. I would highly recommend them to any small business owner.”

Jason D.

“Jeanne Dufrense and her staff at EPA have been my rock since I hired them in early 2014. Professionally and personally, Jeanne is my greatest ally. She is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Aspects of her greatness are in many ways immeasurable. Since hiring her to handle my primary business accounting, she has become an advisor and accountant to all of my businesses and for my personal needs. I recommend her to all of my partners and clients, and strongly recommend that you meet with her to engage her in the same capacity. It is one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.”

Jacob S.

“Jeanne DuFresne of Executive Public Accountants & TruTech have worked together since 2011. We would not be in business today if not for her professional capabilities. In 2017 we had accounting difficulties and Jeanne was able to quickly identify the problem, saving us over $70,000 in taxes and resolving other issues that could have had dire results. I believe that our company is alive today ONLY because of Jeanne’s due diligence.”

TruTech Motors

“We own a small construction business, EPA has been the reason we continue to do well, they hv been with us 20 years. They have gone above and beyond what you’d expect from an accounting firm, helping with transitions, answering questions, giving advice. Jeanne and her team care about every aspect of our business and employees. We recently switched to QB on line – they have been there, thru every question, and concern along the way. EPA also has done our personal taxes, along with our 5 children. They have seen us from kindergarten to college. This company is honest and true, and works hard for its clients.”

Jen B.

“I have worked with Jeanne and Executive Public Accountants for over 5 years and I recommend them highly! They have done a terrific job and I am glad to have them in my corner! They have assisted me at tax time and also with questions throughout the year. They are the best!”

Darcie L.

“SO many years of top-notch Accounting, Tax preparation, Payroll Services, and Consulting have kept my family’s personal and small business finances on track – 5 star professional service all the way!”

Michael G.

“We have been working with Executive Public Accountants since 2014 and have received excellent service from both Jeanne Dufresnne and Corrrie Niska. Their professionalism and work ethic are crucial to our success at W. E. Neal Slate Co.”

Gene Z.