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Tax Planning

Executive Public Accountants has over 30 years of tax preparation experience.

Our goal is to help our clients take advantage of all allowable tax adjustments,
tax deductions, and tax credits to minimize their tax obligation.

Individual Income
Tax Returns

Individual Income Tax Returns

We will review prior year’s taxes for consistency and possible errors or omissions.  Our experienced, trained staff will thoroughly prepare your taxes and explain line by line to be sure all the information is correct and understood by you. We will ensure you get all the deductions you deserve as well as advise you on future tax planning.  Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Business & Corporate
Tax Returns

Business & Corporate Returns

We plan and prepare taxes for businesses such as LLC’s, Partnerships, Corporations and S-Corporations. Our goal is to help our clients understand complex accounting and tax issues, maximize cash flow, and minimize taxes through planning. Running a business presents a lot of unique situations that have a significant impact on your taxes. Every situation is different and tax laws affect you differently. We will ensure you get all the deductions you deserve as well as advise you on future tax planning. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Electronic File Sharing

We offer a secure portal for exchanging sensitive data information and documents right over the internet, which is safe, secure and reliable.

For clients that are comfortable with receiving an electronic copy of their tax return, we provide each client with private access to a secure portal where they can print or download a copy of their current tax returns as well as past years of tax returns.

For the clients who are not comfortable with electronic copy, we will provide a paper copy of their return.

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